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5$ Re-Buy tournament 21 may 2008 Tatjariodi
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Written by mario poels   
Wednesday, 21 May 2008

5$ rebuy tournament 21st may 2008 by Tatjariodi

third place again....

In the start of this tournament (with 182 players) I got AA, so instantly doubled up,
but in the next hand got AK, too good to be true but went All-In again.
Someone with a donkey hand called (36 spades) and hit his flush.

After another beat I had to re-buy and made it to the break where I Added-on 2000 chips.
By the way, It's weird how people in a rebuy-tournament will go All-In with nothing the whole time and
keep re-buying and re-buying all the time !! In a Re-buy tournament I ONLY play tight so I won't get
killed by some fishes or donkeys.

The whole game I was above average, only playing strong hands and stealing not so much.
When I finally reached the Final Table I got strong hands and kicked out 3 opponents in three hands,
and became the second in the chip lead.  When there were only three left I got QQ.

In my previous articles I said that QQ is my "set-up hand".I ALWAYS LOSE with them to AA or KK!!
But who can fold QQ three-handed? So I went All-IN straight away, didn't want to see the flop because the blinds
were good enough for me with my "set-up hand".
And guess what happened? I got called with KK !!! LOL !!
So again I didn't win, became third and won 250$.

Too bad but stuff happens(three times in a row LOL !!)
But most times I play a tournament I make the Final Table so.....
I'll keep going till I win one.
And remember if you play in a Re-buy tournament; TIGHT IS RIGHT.

See ya at the tables !!

PS when you get QQ, be very, very afraid !!



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