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 Black Listed Poker Sites

We here at Get Free Poker Cash take pride in being part of a large online ethical poker industry.  We feel it is our responsibility to share with all our members and visitors when we come across a poker site that comes across as unethical or rogue like in nature.  Our goals are simple; to provide our visitors safe and honest poker sites to play on. When we feel otherwise its our obligation to inform our readers of such dishonorable poker sites.  This list we provide will be constantly monitored and updated to reflect up to date information on sites we deem unethical. Such things as non payment issues, spam, various scams, non payment of affiliates, non responsiveness, deception, and dishonorable conduct will be reasons to be on this list to mention a few.  When appropriate we will list our reasons with valid proofs when necessary.

1. Big Daddy's Casino and Poker - - Unethical, Non Payment of Affiliates, Shady Business Practices, Dishonest, Severe cash out issues, related to IGS and Future Bet.

We particularly had a great problem with Big Daddy's Poker and advise all players and affiliates to stay clear of this group. To read our personal story of our relationship with Big Daddy's please click the link below.

Big Daddy's Casino and Poker Room Blacklisted and Rouged by GFPC


Other Useful Links related to their Unethical Business Practices.

From CasinoMeister:

From GPWA:

 From APCW

 From Dr CheckRaise Forum

APCW's Video Alert



2. Luck3 Poker and Luck3 Casino - - Non Payment of Staff, Ripping off affiliates of earnings and stealing player funds.

 Please read the following support sites which have all blacklisted this scum site.–poker–warning.html–luck3–blacklisted–rogue–operators–running–loose.html–going–belly–up–189827.html–luck3–poker–may–shutting–down–t2753.html


3. Pimp Your Poker - - Partner site with Big Daddy's Casino,  APCW's alert .


4. Card Spike - (Cake Poker Network) - Non Payment of Players and Affiliates.

5. - This group has become the paramount top predatory affiliate program amongst the gambling affiliate industry. They are blacklisted on several sites and banned from participating in many affiliate forums. Players beware of this group a they have breached their contracts with thousands of affiliates with retroactive term changes that have meant theft of affiliate earnings. 

6. Futurebet and IGS Sites - - The following sites are all on the Futurebet/IGS network. They are well known for not paying out to players and also operators who  send them players. They are considered rogued and blackisted from many sites today.  Please avoid them at all costs. This list was furnished by a very special GPWA friend over at PokerPlayersUS website . - See Above (also known as

Added to this list as of May07, 2009 - Confirmed from Pokerplayersus website. (Poker Face Entertainment) (The USA Rounder)


7.Redjackpoker - - Non issuance of bonuses to players, poor support and communication. Please note they had an affiliate called Poker Compound and Best Poker Partner at and that collected players IDs and would not issues bonuses. For this reason all 3 of these sites are included in our Blacklist as Unsafe Poker Sites. - Unsafe, lack of support, non responsiveness. - Unsafe, Lack of support, non responsiveness.


8. 5a Poker - - Absolute Poker Skin - Shut down, False Advertising, Security Issues, and Unsafe.  Read Press Release here .



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