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Bonuses Not Showing in Account?
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Sunday, 04 November 2007

Mant people have asked about bonuses. Why they do not show up in their account. Good question.  For now this process is handled on the back end.  This means you will not see it in your pending bonuses in your account.  However be assured once you reach your point clearances at 5000 intervals, the bonus will be released into your account.  We are working to have this system automated shortly.  Once you have cleared the necessary points the bonus will be released.  We apologize for the inconvience, but it is set this way by the poker rooms themselves.

Heres how it works: At 5000 points you will receive another $50 added to your bankroll and receive an email to this affect. At the 10 000 points mark another $50 will be added to you account and again at 15 000 points we will insert another $50 for a total of $200 dollars.

The Instant Bonuses will expire 3 months(90 days), starting the date you first applied for your instant bankroll. Make sure you keep track of this date.

Should you not see these bonuses appear in your account within 24-48 after you have sucessfully acheived these targets, simply email us your account details, and we give you are assurance the bonus will be transfered to your account ASAP.

If you should have any other questions please do not  hesitate to ask us.  Dont forget to post in our forums area.

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