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My Poker Career and Bankroll Management
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Written by Martin Gregory   

    So, Ive been playing online poker for about 4 years now. I first got into the game when I was playing an online RPG game where you can play poker for online currency.  After learning the basic through that I started watching poker on t.v. which got me very interested in the game.  Learning something new everyday, I  went into playing freerolls on various sites. I was nothing special, but much better than the donkeys you see these days, but I was playing the basics more or less.. fold the band hands, call/raise the good ones. Eventually I picked up on the bluffing, fooling people, mind games etc.. But I couldn't bring myself to deposit.


    It was only then I was surfing the web and came across a website that gave free poker sponsorships . I took this opportunity of course.  It was just $50, and they made me take a quiz to make sure I didn't just donk it away, which I had no intention of doing.  So I took it all in, but before I started playing I read allot of peoples blogs, articles,e-books, etc..


    I started my play with some very low stakes no-limit poker.  Buying in with 4% of my bankroll. Now, my first ever mistake: If you make a mistake with these chips such as; you took a bad beat or generally thought you had the better hand, DO NOT rebuy chips with 10% of your bankroll because you think the table owes you, Just suck it up and don't let it effect your play or your bankroll management.


    I played these same low limit with my bankroll  for hours, sticking to the same kind of tight-passive play, after a long time of going up and down like a yoyo and leaving table when I thought I had won enough and refusing to play with so many chips, I accumulated a decent amount of profit. I then went on to play some low buy in sit n go's; $1+20c mainly. This I did very well in! Ever since, sit n go's have been my favorite part of online poker.  Of course different people prefer different types of poker variations.


    Now many years later I have made several large cash outs. I have also made many deposits  on  various sites,  played several free bankrolls, most of which made made me allot of money, yet I still play small stakes and low buy ins.  It's slow profit and long hours but there are many benefits when playing with a small bankroll. If you play ABC poker and tight aggressive, in no time you will see your bankroll grow and see why people use bankroll managment.

As a reminder, when i sit at a cash game, I only use 4% of my stack.  This gives me 25 buy ins, and allows me room to play my A game, as I never have to worry about going bust should i have a few bad beats.


    Get Free Poker Cash is a great site, and has giving me the opportunity to play for them sponsoring me with some poker cash, and in return I will write some articles and play my best. I suggest many of you do the same. All you need to do is register for a free account here, choose either a no deposit bonus, deposit bonus, or poker challenge and submit articles .  They are a wonderful site, which helps new players.

Good Luck everyone!

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