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New Poker Strategy Articles for Everyone
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Friday, 02 January 2009

Just before the New year we were thinking about things. We felt our players need a little more than huge bonuses. Yes, No Deposit Bonuses, and high deposit bonuses are attractive, but how can we compliment these bonuses for our players?

To give out great bonuses, takes time. We have to contact the sites and work on deals for our players.  When they get these bonuses its great. But whats even better, is if they keep these bonuses and build nice huge bankrolls.

Lets face it, in order to surive on the tables, we need a constant stack. We may have bad days and get portions of our stack taken from us. 

What makes a winning player? Well, a player who is able to handle these misfortunes and get back up and continue to play properly with bankroll mamangement.

Therefore we have added a Poker Strategy Article section for all our players.  Its still in its infancy, as we have mainly basic topics. But these topics are still good to read to refresh our memories.

 Over the next few days and weeks we will add a large array of articles in this section to cover more advanced strategy concepts. We will also focus on new games, such as Omaha and Seven card stud.

Should anyone have any requests, or feels like they can add to our collection we would appreciate your offers. We will reward all players to contribute to our strategy section, so come on over have a look and read eerything we got.

Updates will constantly flow in, and again if you are a good writter we will pay you to write for us. Make us an offer, write some articles and get paid, or simply do it to help our community.

To view our present line up of artices please visit the link below. These are all here for everyone.

Read Poker Strategy Articles

One last thing to remember please. For all players seeking our Tony G and Titan no deposit poker bonuses, we require you to read the first 5 articles at least. We believe if you read those ones minimal, you will be able to use some of the ideas and become better able to use the instant bankroll to win cash.

Well, really we would like if everyone would read all of them, but at least read the first five. When you have done so and email us your Id for the free bankrolls we will send you a list of questions.  Eventually this will be all automated, but for now we wish to get to know our players, so emails with the questions will follow your request.

We feel this will make more of our players winning players. Not fall into traps and lose all their money quickly.

Feel free to contact us with any concerns or questions. We will answer you as quick as possible, usually 4 hours.


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