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Pimp Your Poker and Big Daddy's Casino - Non Payment Issues

Recently reported by APCW - Association of Players, Casinos and Webmasters, well known and respected JTodd shares an issue with our industry of which we find extremely important. Around the  6:20 mark in the video JTodd explains what is happening for many players and affiliates in the industry today with sites called Pimp Your Poker and Big Daddy's Casino.

Please take the time to view the video and at the very least forward to 6:20 and watch the alert. Pimp Your Poker is a monthly fee based forum where players can pay a monthly fee and get up to $20 000 a month in freerolls. Business partner site Big Daddy's  Casino who sponsored these games has come under fire lately due to several complaints of non payment issues to both players and affiliates.

 APCW - Perspectives Weekly May 1st, 2009

Special Mention - Forward to 6:20 - 7:00 Min Mark - Pimp Your Poker and Big Daddy's Non Payment Issues



Its a well known fact that Big Daddy's Casino runs under the Futurebet/IGS software platform. Many claims from poker site operators claim Futurebet/IGS has ripped them off for huge amounts of money and have not paid players and affiliates.

We here at GFPC were an affiliate for Big Daddy's Poker and we are also concerned for our own players, and other players all around the world. As an affiliate we also have not been paid by Big Daddy's Poker.

Owner of Big Daddy's Poker and business partner site Pimp Your Poker claim FutureBet/IGS are to blame and are responsible for payments while players and affiliates from all over the net are surfacing on forums to express outrage.

We can certainly say for sure, we made an error in working with Big Daddy's Casino and want to warn everyone to stay away and be cautious. To read our story with Big Daddy's Casino please visit our link here.

Our Story with Big Daddy's Casino .

Promises from Big Daddy's owner that affiliates will be paid and players money is safe and will be merged over to the new poker platform continue to be expressed by him at various dates. The latest statement was made at GPWA.

Big Daddy's Statement on GPWA  while players react in the same forum under a different thread from GFPC.. .

Rumor has it they have plans to merge with the Cake Poker Network of which has been denied by Cake Poker. Below is a statement we received from a Network Partner Manager from the Cake Poker Network via email.

Dated: April 21st, 2009

"Thank you for your sharing your information with us. We take the issues you have raised very seriously.  At this time we have no plans for Big Daddy to join the Cake Poker Network. Should this change in the future we will bear your comments and concerns in mind.
name removed
Network Partner Manager"
Stay Tuned for more updates!


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