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Poker and Mrs. Sherman

In memory of Mrs. Sherman

Just recently my best friend of 25 years informed me of his dear Mothers 10 years in passing. Understandably he was sad, and needed support in this tough time.

We have known each other for 25 years, and have been through all sorts of things that life has to offer. We have also experienced similar things along the way.

One of the biggest influences or the biggest influence on this friend was his mother who meant everything to him.

I met Mrs. Sherman many times over the 15 years before her passing and I always had the impression she was a strong dedicated woman. She was a perceptive woman who cared deeply for her family and took care of them with pride.

I used to hear stories of her running basement Poker Sessions for Taxis drivers wanting to join in on a game. She ran these games and kept the house clean and honest. 

I thought this was so interesting to share because over the years both my friend and I got really interested in Poker. We started from Chess back in the late 80s till mid 90s. After that interest fizzled out we got into the Poker Boom.

I wish Mrs. Sherman was still alive because she was the inspiration for my good friend, and pushed him to excel in everything he did with all odds against him. She pushed him to success.

Why is this important?

Well when it relates to Poker, we need support systems when were running bad or feeling out of sorts.

This friend of mine has so much potential to be a successful Poker Pro and feel great joy in life. 

I know if Mrs. Sherman was still alive  she would push him to excel and he would achieve this goal. But i also know he can do it in her spirit. She is always with him day after day.

There is not one day where he does not think of her. This is truly remarkable and one I hope he can realize will build his dream, and allow him to be successful in his Poker Career, and in his life.

As a dedication to Mrs. Sherman i wanted to thank her for producing one the best human beings I have ever been friends with. He is actually a brother to me. He will succeed and this is because Mrs. Sherman made him to succeed.

Keep his faith up Mrs. Sherman. Your memory will shine in his success forever.


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