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Susan Boyle Inspires The World

 Susan Boyle - The Human Definition of Success

I recently watched the new Singing Sensation Susan Boyle sing to a large audience on "Britain's Got Talent. At first when you watch it, you can't stop thinking it will be a joke. 

Then BAMMM she opens her mouth and you cannot believe what you hear. I mean I have never felt so inspired in my life about another persons success as i was in the 7 minutes it took me to watch her amaze the world.

What a lesson a learned in life, that you should never judge another human being. This was mind altering.

Susan Boyle you have inspired me to change the way i look at life in a wonderful way. You inspire me!

As related to poker, I think its important to focus on your dreams. If you love the game and work hard imagine what you can do. No matter what your weaknesses are, imagine that you can do anything. 

Thanks to Susan Boyle anyone in the World can accomplish their dreams.

 Watch Susan Boyle Perform here

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