Table Position

How to play Position


Good poker play includes understanding the impact of position. Depending on where you are sitting in relation to the dealer button you should adjust your play. The very same game can include strategies that are complete opposites but no matter in what poker game you are busy you always benefit from observation. If you recognize the style of play of your opponents chances are that you will know just what kind of hands they are holding and this is a sure way to success.


Early Position

If you are sitting in any of the first four places to the left of the dealer button you are in early position and this is viewed as the most difficult by many players. In this position you don’t know all that much about your opponents and you should keep your game tight and careful. Don’t throw away your chips on uncertain hands as you want to keep a decent stack to the later stages. You should only play high cards such as high pairs and suited and unsuited high cards.


Middle Position

The three places to the left of the early position are called the middle position. In middle position you still need to keep your game pretty tight even if you are in an easier place than the first seats next to the dealer button. After the flop you could try to be more aggressive even in the middle position since you have seen most of your hand and you need to make the decision to bet or fold. A weaker hand could work out just fine from this position but it is still a better advice to stick to the high cards.


Late Position

Once you are in late position you have a great advantage to the other players. If there was no raise before you, you could very well play lower hands. Late position certainly makes for more aggressive play but not to the absurd. If you have managed your chips well and kept a good eye on your opponents you should be able to tackle them loose in this position and have a great outcome.



No matter where you sit you need to look at what the other players are up to. If you play in the same poker room and at the same types of tables a lot you are bound to meet the same players. If you already in early position recognize the style of your opponents it could help you a great deal with how to play your hands. In fact, with the correct knowledge about your opponents early position could work just fine even with aggressive play. Use the advanced software that most poker rooms are built by. If you can take notes do so and use them both in the same game and for later occasions.



If you are in late position and the opposition consists of two or three players and no raise you might be able to steal the blinds by bluffing. You raise the big blind till the other players are out. To do this you better make sure to know who your opponents are and how your play has been perceived so that they won’t call you with a lousy hand.

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